Precaria by Brian Sironi
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Precaria by Brian Sironi

Precaria is a marble lamp collection 100% made in Italy. It is a limited series production designed and edited by Brian Sironi, one of the youngest industrial designers in winning the Compasso d’oro ADI Award. The lamp is made of precious marbles by Budri, a worldwide well-known centre of Italian excellence that combines great craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology. Precaria is composed of two thin volumes originated from the same marble sheet: the inverted L-shaped volume serves as a base and encloses the led strip, the rectangular surface is mobile in order to adjust and direct light, working as a sort of mobile light diffuser. When the light is posteriorly directed it creates a wonderful effect: the marble becomes translucent. The two volumes combined together create a single surface: a precarious rectangle made of marble that can be composed and decomposed at will, in a game between openings and closings where the light fits into every chink. Precaria is part of the traveling exhibit ‘The New Italian Design’ by Triennale di Milano and it is currently shown in the best museums around the world.

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